Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"I'll Survive"

Did I say I wanted to make all A's??? Well, I know that God is able. I just got out of my first day of summer session 1 classes. I really do think that I will enjoy "British Literature." The professor was really nice and knowledgeable, plus the subject matter was of great interest to me. Now, on the other hand, I don't know what in the world caused me to sign up for Spanish in a summer session. The format is fast paced to say the least. The professor is very good, however there is just a lot required for a person like me that holds no previous experience in the language. The depth of my Spanish skill pretty much ends at counting to ten. The two online classes that I am taking (History and Sociology) both appear to be thorough but in reach. All that said, I will learn a whole lot this semester. It will be difficult as relates to time management, but "I'll survive."

Monday, May 29, 2006

"Summer, Summer, Summertime"

Well, it was a wonderful Memorial Day holiday. I just chilled out all day. I did a little research this evening. For some reason I am currently on a "Reformation" kick and wanted to explore the implications made in the Apostle's and Nicene Creeds. My studies brought forth some very fruitful thought that I am sure will prove helpful in my teachings at "The Ship." Anyway, it has been a quiet day. Now, it's up and at'em again in the morning. I have taken on the massive responsibility of 13 hours in summer session one. Then I am tackling 9 hours in summer session two. To the average person, this would be considered totally insane. But, I am on a mission and I am not going to stop until mission is accomplished. The true challenge I have placed on myself is to get as close to all A's as possible. I know this is going to be really hard. Especially when considering my regular ecclesiastical responsibilities and tasks. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we have our State Home mission Board Meetings. I am still wondering how I am going to shuffle this amongst the school schedule. I am on to do a Bible topic in the Wednesday morning session. "The Benefits of Fellowship" taken from Acts chapter 2. This happens to be one of the many passages I cherish as relates to the church. I am just a bit apprehensive about having to get out of the second day of school to do it. I know that God will make a way. Then, in about a week and a half our church is hosting the District's Youth Convention. This wouldn't be so much in and of itself, however I serve as the Youth Convention Director. Therefore, I have a lot of ducks to get lined up for that one. Again, God always makes a way and I know He will this time as well. We have several strong youth workers in our congregation and they have dedicated much of their week to making sure everything is in order. Lord, thank you for the kind of spirit they have. And Lord, you know who "they" are..... I ask every one of your prayers that God will strengthen spiritually, intellectually and physically to maintain until I cross the stage..... Man, you talk about a shoutin good time.... Graduation for me will prove to be an intricate piece of the illustrious mosaic I hope to fashion.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Fighting for my Family"

God is always so good to us. It's now late Sunday night/Monday morning and I am now reflecting on this "Lord's Day." He sent another timely word for our congregation on today. It wasn't necessarily one that I would have wanted to preach, but it is definitely what God had for us at "such a time as this." 1 Samuel 30:1-6 was our focal passage with references to the entire chapter (all 31 verses). We as a people are in the fight of our lives. With the devil proving to be, all the time, an aggressive assailant against the people of God, it is very important that we be willing to "Fight for the Family." This is because Satan has sought to tear apart the family unit and the intention God had from the very beginning. With "multi-generational" households, same-sex unions, etc. It has become ever apparent how important it is for Godly parents who will stand on the word of God as they raise their children. We have to 1) Be concerned for the family, 2) Be committed to the family and 3) Be courageous for the family. Then and only then will we see the reversal of this awful plight that has presented itself. I don't know about you, but no devil in hell is going to take my family without a fight!!! Remember, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood..." (Eph. 6) This is a warfare of cosmic proportions. It would be counter-productive for us to believe that our enemy is our spouse, neighbor, church member, etc. Satan is much smarter and, unfortunately, more powerful than that. Many times we run with this "name it and claim" movement and feel as if we can simply "put our foot on the devil" and call it a day. Now I will be the first to say that we are "more than conquerors" and we have been granted such power through Christ Jesus. However, we need to stop picturing Satan as a little man in a red suit, pointed ears, go-tee and a pitch fork. No, he has more resources at his disposal and is not easily thwarted. Be on the lookout, keep trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ. Cover your family with quality devotional time, prayer, bible study and unity. This is how we win victory over Satan, one family at a time. It is important for us all to grasp the fact that strong churches are made of strong families... Therefore, it's time to "Fight for the Family."

"Bless the Lord at all times"

It's Sunday morning and, once again, I am grateful for the opportunity to share with God's people in worship and word. It's about 6:45am and I have now been up and at'em for close to two hours. I don't know exactly why it is that I cannot sleep on Sunday mornings. This Sunday morning is particularly peculiar for me. Every since the middle of the week I have had this eerie feeling about this weekend's services. Every now and then I have this feeling and I simply try to dismiss it. However hard it may be, I am praying that the Lord would just take over and allow Himself to be the center of attention. I only want to see that His name is thoroughly exalted.

Friday, May 26, 2006

"I Made It..."

Well, I told you about the Government 1301 class I was taking in this year's "Maymester." I must admit that it was the fastest paced class I have ever taken. Man, we did a whole semester's workload in two weeks. You may have noticed that I didn't post a couple of days over the last week. Naturally, I was a bit consumed with that class. I have committed myself to making A's in all the remaining classes I have yet to take. This will be necessary in the future should an opportunity open for me to enroll in graduate studies. (M. Div. and D. Min.) Most of the schools I would love to attend require a G.P.A. of at least 3.0 in undergraduate studies. My praise report is that, despite the fast pace, I was able to pull off a pretty strong A. Out of a possible 500 points in the entire class, I was at 489. Thank you Lord... I made it through that class.... Now it's time to get geared up for Summer classes. I am pushing myself to take 13 hours in Summer session 1 and then 9 in session 2. If the Lord says the same, this will allow me to graduate this Christmas season. I ask your prayers that God would grant the tenacity, strength and insight to complete this goal.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Fighting for my Future"

I particularly appreciated the "quote for the week" used by Pastor Otis Lockett which read,
"You don't owe your past an apology as much as you owe your future a chance."-(J. Hole) You know, it's so easy to fall into passive resignation about the potential for what lies ahead of us. I have determined that we, the children of God, are in the fight of our life. Satan wants us to bound and bury us with our past mistakes, shortcomings and non-achievement. However, we can't allow ourselves to sit on your stewardship and forget about our future. So, I challenge you all to do 3 things:
1) Forget the Mess (1 John 1:9)
2) Stand the Test (1 Corinthians 10:13)
3) Reach for the Best (Hebrews 10:35)
"Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." -Phi 3:13-14

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Soli Deo Gloria

"To the Glory of God alone." That's my testimony about yesterday's breakthrough. I had tuitions due at school by the end of the day. I was looking at about 3300.00 for both summer sessions and the fall. This figure does not include books. Being that I was having to "self-pay" for these classes, it appeared that dropping all of the classes was my only option. However, when I went online to the student services website, I was not able to drop them because of a hold on my student account. I discovered that the videos for a Biology class I had taken were required to be returned before the hold would be lifted. I did that and was told by the librarian that the hold was lifted immediately. But, much to my surprise, I still could not drop the classes because of another hold. I then found out that there was an "exit interview" document required in the financial aid office. Naturally, I went to take care of that and it was as simple as reading and signing one paper. As I was leaving the financial aid office, I noticed that the window labeled "Veteran's services" had a lady there with no one waiting in line. I decided to make an inquiry about veteran's benefits. I said, "I have been told before that Texas veterans can go to Texas schools tuition free. How does that work?" She then proceeded to tell me the requirements and subsequently the four documents I needed in order to apply. I jumped right on it and had the documents for her in about an hour. (understand I had already been at the school most of the day) I then went to the line and handed her the information. There was one document needed from the U.S. Armed Forces that I was going to have to wait about two or three weeks for. However, she told me to wait a minute and she would be right back. She came back with four printouts of my school schedules and resulting bills. She then pulled out an inked stamp and affixed "HZLWD" on the bottom of each page along with her initials. She then instructed "take these to the cashier's window and all of your tuition and fees will be paid." I was in absolute amazement. I asked her, "It's ALL paid? And, how long will they do this?" She said, "you are now a part of the Hazelwood Act's Tuition Exemption program. From today's date, you will be allowed to take 150 college hours of school in any Texas supported institution at no cost to you." Lord, You are absolutely amazing. I am awed by your unfailing love, protection and providence. Thank you for again making a way when, through the frailty of human perspective, I could not see a way. "But my God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory." Hallelujah!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back from Edinburg

We have another Sunday behind us and I can truly say that God is always so good. I am thankful that things went as well as they did. God allowed His voice to be heard both at home and at our "Fellowship Exchange" with Rising Star M.B.C. in Edinburg Texas. There are many recaps and observations I could make about today. However, I realize there comes a time to speak and a time to be silent. I simply trust that God will continue to guide me in all that He would have us to do. Further, I worship Him for (His doing). He bestows everlasting favor toward me. Also for (His being), He is a matchless, mighty and merciful Master.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Revived Again

I can say nothing but that "Our God is an awesome God." The revival was a complete and total success. Pastor Kevin B. Willis Sr. allowed the Lord to use him in a supernatural way. It is evident that God has touched the lives of many around our city through his preaching ministry. I was personally helped and strengthened by this time of sharing. The word, on each night, seemed to be tailored for every need of the people at our church. I am praying that our church family will be able to execute and practice many of the principles Pastor Willis shared. Also, it would be impossible to explain how edifying the fellowship was. I have gained such practical and powerful insight from the time I shared with him. To say the least, this time has encouraged me to "return and do the first works." I will be the first to admit that, in recent times, I had really started to shut down. Many of my earlier aspirations and expectations for ministry, I had somewhat placed on the back burner. As a result of much opposition and difficulty I figured, "what's the use?" I thought I would just continue to pursue my degree and wait on something else. However, I have never been that kind of person. I make it a point to pursue excellence at any cost. I am glad to be back in that mindset. God is going to do great things through our ministry and church. There are a handful of people that want to see God's kingdom advanced and, quite frankly, that's all we need to get something significant started. Jesus effected the whole world as we know it through the lives of 12. Well, thank you Lord for every wonderful benefit. I am certainly "Revived Again."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"My God Shall Supply"

It has certainly been a long day. However God was overwhelmingly good. Though name calling can often get you in trouble, I feel compelled to share a few appreciative expressions. Two sisters, C. Fillmore and K. Harris made themselves available for whatever logistical measure had to be employed and I am ever grateful. Repeatedly they have stepped up and made tremendous sacrifice to see the Lord's program advanced. Your reward, so great in heaven, goes far beyond any ability of my own. Brother Jesse Nash took it upon himself to come to the church for the last two days and attend to some maintenance issues. It was certainly refreshing to see one of our brothers "putting his hand to the plow." Then.... there is a precious jewel of unique and unmeasured value residing right here in my home. Sis. LaTonya D. Pullam, you've done it again. I can't help but feel indebted to the diligence and commitment with which you have accepted the call to this covenant with me. For the totality of this Tuesday, you have gone non-stop. This is just another rendition of the powerful ministry of helps and assistance you have been so thoroughly equipped with. I will ever cherish you. Pastor Willis arrived safely this afternoon and we had an opportunity to have a late lunch/early dinner before getting ready for church. Immediately God gave evidence that His leading to arrange this time for Pastor Willis to share was authentic and timely. I was overwhelmed with the practical insight he was able to share with me in a one on one setting. The Lord really used Pastor Willis on tonight. His message was taken from Philippians 4:19 and 2 Peter 1:4. The subject was "The Believer's Promise." I was enlightened and encouraged. God was exalted and His people edified by Pastor Willis' stewardship. I was again reminded of God's all sufficient resources. I was also and challenged as to what God requires of us to witness God's supply and blessing appropriated in our lives. God spoke.... Glory to His name.

"Lord Lay me Down to Sleep"

It's now past 5am and I have been up all night. I guess the excitement and preparations for the revival have me "wound up." I am now going to lay down for a while and see if I can sleep for at least two hours or so. The predicament I have caused for myself is that my agenda required a 7am start time in order to be completely done with all errands and final touches before picking Pastor Willis up at about 4:30pm. Anyway.... I trust God to sustain. I realize, being that I am human, rest is required. Therefore, I will simply play it by ear whenever I rise. The beautiful part of it is the time of praise, prayer and even preparation I was able to accomplish in the solemn of my small study space. Two solid sermon ideas and a time of communion with God like one that I haven't had in quite some time. God flooded my soul with the strength I need "for such a time as this." Oh God.... You hear and You answer every prayer.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lord Send a Revival!!!

If the Lord says the same, this time tomorrow night we will have some hint or indication as to the direction of Spring Revival 2006. There comes a time when we've "gone as a far as we can humanly go." We've sent letters, secured an evangelist, prepared the programs and sanctuary. More importantly, I've allowed the Lord to till my heart through prayer. I have continually meditated in His word. Now....................... I place it ALL in the hands of God our Father!!! "Lord I trust You to have Your own way with our lives on this week. You know our needs and where they exists. Speak to our hearts through the ministry of Pastor Willis. Crown him with the cause of the kingdom and allow him to compassionately command the congregation with clarity and conviction. Lord, You know how much I need You as the leader of Your people. So many of Your people have waxed cold and turned back. Speak Lord in a fashion that will call us aside from our selfish inconsideration and closer to the cross of Your son Jesus Christ. Have us, once again, to embrace the sufficiency of Christ and the inerrancy of scripture. Fill us with Your sweet Holy Spirit that He would 'teach us all things...' Empower Pastor Willis spiritually. Endow him with physical strength needed to preach with power. Equip him with every resource he needs. Enfold him with Your love. Employ him with the tasks of relevancy to our congregation. Then, when the benediction is announced on Thursday, Expand his territory and Increase our appreciation for what You have done. Lord touch every person who will have a responsibility on the worship agenda. Anoint every song, prayer, scripture, expression and offering we present in worship. Allow us the sanity to step beyond ourselves and do what is necessary to see Your name exalted. Move upon every heart of our congregation to share cheerfully of their possessions so that this ministry endeavor is one that will edify and not burden with indebtedness. Cast aside the negative connotations that have so hindered in the past. Afford the critical and complaining the opportunity to fall oblivious to their flagrant intentions not to support the revival and, in that oblivion, find themselves in the worship service challenged and changed by the word shared. Lord we need more than an event or an occasion, we need a true move that can only come by your hand. I come before you in total submission to your will. Lord Send a Revival. Amen"

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mary's Method for Mothers

To God be the glory for the wonderful things He has done. Again He has blessed us with an opportunity to celebrate His awesome glory and holiness. I count it a privilege to have been able to facilitate another day of worship. I am ever grateful that God would choose an unworthy vessel such as I to be a part of this Christian warfare we wage. And yes, worship is warfare as well. God was ever faithful and present in our services today. I really do believe that God continues to deepen my love for His work and people there at Friendship. The fellowship was as edifying as always. The prayer, music and, if I must say so myself, the preaching were ALL right on time. I thank you Lord for being with us. We had quite a few mothers and daughters worshiping together with us today. I am glad that God led the way He did. I don't ever feel as if I HAVE to preach occasions or special days per say. However, God did allow a word relevant to the mothers on today. The Gospel of Luke, chapter 2, verses 41-51 was today's scriptural focus. Today we shared several attributes of Mary, in her role as mother of Jesus, that are worthy of assimilating into the daily practice and principle of today's mother. 1) She returned to retrieve her child 2) She rushed to reprimand her child and 3) She remembered to release her child.... God was good to us and I am thankful. Now is the time for me to pause and render homage and accolades to my wife, Sis. LaTonya D. Pullam. God knows that she has been a wonderful mother and nurturer in our home. Of course, we all are a work in progress. However, God could not have blessed me with a better mother to my children. She has even been able to rise to the huge responsibility and calling of "step-motherhood" and has done so with a graciousness that is truly a beauty to behold. Thanks my dear... Naturally, I thank God for a strong, wise and virtuous mother. I find great solace in the fact that I can call Sis. Vietta L. Francis Pullam "mama/mom." And then to every mother that carries the burden/blessing of motherhood. I am grateful for your gift of unconditional love. I encourage you to be continually immovable in the Lord as you strive to be everything that God intends for you.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Multigenerational Families

Here is my submission for "discussion 2" in my Government 1301 course. Being that this is an informal discussion page, please excuse any structural flaws or sketchy ideas. The professor asks, "The following USA TODAY article speaks to an issue you are reading about: "The Changing Face of America." After reading the article, explain why you think this trend will have a positive OR a negative impact on the nation. http://www.usatoday.com/news/bythenumbers/2005-08-16-multigenerational- My response is: "There are several ways one could justify and/or promote the multigenerational family. However, I would suggest that there are problems presented and represented in this family that prevail over anything else. I must rush to say that, first of all, the multigenerational family is more a “result” than a “cause” of the breakdown in family integrity. For quite some time we have witnessed the depravity of our society and the moral degradation that overwhelms us. In a time when teenage unwed pregnancies, absentee fathers and financial instability are at an alarming high, there must be reevaluation. Unfortunately there has been a misunderstanding, and consequently a warped definition, as relates to the sanctity of marriage. Gender roles continue to be misrepresented in the family and young people are confused as to what a father and mother really is. One family is led by a single mother because the father is caught up in an illegal pursuit of the materialistic. Another family is led by a grandmother who is raising the childgren of her crack addicted daughter. Some husband and wife are providing quarters and substance to a grown son and his family because he hasn’t been able to attain adequate work. Other couples are now caring for an elderly mother as a result of ridiculous medical expenses and medications. The result is an unending cycle that only causes the lines of demarcation to be erased from one generation to the next. Minimum wagers continually struggle to work almost two full days of work to buy one full tank of gas. It will never end if we don’t stop and reinstate the single family unit. Our young people need to find themselves products of a Mother (female) and father (male) that are in covenant relationship striving to raise and rear them. It has been said that “it takes a village to raise a child.” However, what if the villages are plagues with moral decay. There have been no adequate examples of what normalcy was meant to be. This promotes a never ending cycle of underachievers. I believe that we all have a responsibility to raise our OWN children WITH the person that helped to conceive them. Men need to stand up and realize that “if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat” and step up to the responsibility that is rightfully thiers. Women need to stand up for themselves and demand the respect and adoration that they were crowned with at creation. The result will be responsible citizens raising more responsible citizens."

Friday, May 12, 2006


There's an idiom that has been shared for many years. "Thank God it's Friday," has resonated in most workplaces and classrooms for as long as I can remember. However, those who share in the agony and ecstasy of preaching/pastoring will most likely agree that this is when it's "up and at'em." I have come to discover that Wednesday is actually my Monday and Sunday my Friday. I know this may seem a bit odd, but like most people live to see the end of business on Friday so it is with me on Sunday. Now is the time that I am in totally high gear. I have been up this morning for about an hour and have just come out of my time of prayer and meditation. Now it's time to come up with a strategy/plan of attack for this weekend's agenda. There are so many things I must remember and CANNOT forget. One that is a MUST is to continue pushing the Revival that starts next Tuesday. Another BIG oversight I have been making is our church trip to Edinburg on next weekend. We are the HIGHLY anticipated guest of Pastor McDowell and the Rising Star B.C. congregation for their church anniversary. In light of the Revival and other events, I have not really emphasized this as much as I should have. It is very important that I do this weekend because Pastor Mc Dowell has really been excited about our coming. I would hate for our congregation to support that in a minimal way. I am also enrolled in what DelMar College calls a "MayMester." I decided, several months ago, to try an online course in Government 1301. That course started yesterday and I have an assignment due in that class by eleven tomorrow evening. It is going to be interesting to do an ENTIRE course in two weeks. Especially considering that there are assignments due each night of the revival. To include a "mid-term exam" on the closing night (Thursday) of the revival. I know that God will sustain for that. I am now on the way out on a few errands and then off to "the shop." I have every intention to close on time tonight. It will be hard to sustain the hours that I have for the last several weekends. Although I appreciate all of the business, I will have to cut off the open light at six if I hope to get out of there any time before eight. It will be vitally necessary to give the Lord my undivided attention and study stewardship tonight. As on last week, "Sunday's Coming." I will really want to set the church's affections on the premise, purpose and practice of revival. Of course, there are those in our congregations that seem to be oblivious to the need for anything we do in the church. Therefore, I pray that God will move in such a way that He can raise the consciousness of the unconcerned and consequently the need for this revival.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mission Impossible???

Well, you witnessed the great list of intentions I had for the day. My praise report is that God sent another wave of "overflow" to the shop today. I started working about 2:00pm this afternoon and never stopped until about twenty minutes ago. Needless to say, God has definitely smiled on that venture. I will never cease to be amazed by His unending faithfulness and providence. With that said... Quite obviously, some of the other missions on the agenda went a bit uncompleted. I praise God for a resourceful wife that makes herself available to help out when needed. She made it a point to assure that some of today's items were accomplished. We were able to get the add in the newspaper announcing the revival. I am really happy that we could make that happen. When contacting the T.V. stations about their community calendars, we were advised that it required approximately three to four weeks notice to get that done. However, we did get many of the posters out to surrounding churches and I pray that their Pastors will have favor with us and support our efforts with announcements.

It's no secret that we are in a rebuilding process at "The Ship." God has shown me the immeasurable potential we posses. However, at this point, it seems as if everything we set forth to do requires such effort. But.... This is definitely not "Mission Impossible." With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE." I have a faith that finds it's true substance and solitude in what I am hoping. I stand solidly on what I cannot see. Knowing that I have to see it, before I see it, if I want to see it.

There have been many who have walked away and written us off. Oh, but the best is yet to come. The bay area can't contain the ministry God has conceived in the bosom of Kevin L. Pullam. Not without birthing pains, but there will be a great offspring produced. This is a mission of excellence. One that WILL make history. God has had to break it down to a place that, when it EXCELS AND EXCEEDS, there will be no questioning what God has done. Friendship EXCEED AND EXCEL??? What???? "AND NOW UNTO HIM WHO IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT WE ASK OR THINK, ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT WORKETH IN US." (Ephesians 3:20)

Yes US..... Even "The Ship...." Ya Heard!?!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Top of the Morning to you!!! God be praised for another beautiful day. I am extraordinarily happy this morning because of a wonderful nights sleep. With the illness I wrestled with for the last week or so, it has been a while since I have had a peaceful rest. This morning I rose refreshed and ready for the day's challenges. Of course, I plan to spend the bulk of the day in the Barber Shop (Kevin's Kut Kreations). However, I have an agenda of things to complete this morning before I get there. We have not really launched publicity of our revival the way we should have. This morning I will attempt to get an announcement on the community calendars (channels 3, 6 and 10) and possibly in the newspaper. Then I will contact area Pastors to attempt to gain their support. History has proven that Corpus Christi is not what one would call a "Church town." Therefore, it takes a concerted effort to realize a successful event. We have made posters and also what I call "windshield flyers." These will go out in mass quantities for the next several days. I thank God for several of the members at "The Ship" who really step up and contribute their time into these sort of efforts. Once I get all of that going we will spend some much needed time at the church. We have several maintenance issues to handle there. Primarily, the water heater at the church has malfunctioned and appears to need replacement. After that, there are a host of minor "routine" maintenance things that will need attention. Well, those items at "The Ship" and "The Shop" should keep me busy enough today. I ask you all to agree with me in prayer that God would send us a few good Godly brothers to covenant with the Pastor in these sort of things. Not that we don't have good brothers at our church. However, it is a rarity to see one who shares the Heart of the Pastor. God we praise You for what You have done, what You are doing and what You shall do. We recognize that "the harvest is plentiful but the laborers few." Lord, please send forth laborers....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lord Send a Revival

Today was another interesting day. Of course, we just finished with midweek bible study and prayer. God was faithful to those of us who were in attendance. The Lord gave interesting insight as relates to the life of King Saul. God asks the prophet Samuel a question in 1 Samuel 16:1, "How long with you mourn over Saul?..." I thank God for the journey of discovery He led us on tonight. Man, I just wish the "masses" of the congregation would finally get a clue to the awesome power and deliverance experienced in corporate study of the word. Regardless of that, God truly blesses in that time. I have come to look forward to that time of interaction with the congregation.

Well, we are now six days away from the first night of our Spring Revival. I am too excited to articulate in words. Pastor Kevin Willis, of Riverside M.B.C, will be our special guest for three nights. I still remember the powerful way God used him during our citywide crusade several years ago. I am overwhelmed that he would agree to come and share with our congregation. I am sincerely petitioning that the Lord would "send a revival" through the ministry of Pastor Willis. I recognize, more now than ever, that even the Pastor needs to be revived at different points in ministry. I am looking forward to being in fellowship with this anointed pastor and gleaning nuggets of insight to apply to my personal and pastoral endeavors.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


What can I say other than "Our God is an awesome God." I have a list of praise reports that would be difficult to exhaust in this post. To name two of them: 1) I thank God for granting healing and endurance to me. For the last week or so, I have struggled with a rather severe chest cold. However, God allowed me the strength to keep the Barber Shop open (the business is a praise report in and of itself). God also gave the strength to preach what I thought was an effective sermon on Sunday. God has been leading in a different direction than in times past. I really do feel that the preaching trend has invoked a more Pastoral tone lately. Of course, this makes for some quiet, thought provoking moments during the message. However, I thank God that He has been moving in this direction. I know that it will make for a greater and stronger church in the future. 2) God blessed the music ministry in a wonderful way on this Sunday. You may have noticed in a previous post that we were going to try something different for worship this past week. Our minister of music was out of the city on another ministry assignment and I decided to use "gospel performance tracks" to provide us with the music necessary for services. Man, God really smiled. The youth sang two songs with the tracks and they did a magnificent job. We also used it for praise upliftment, invitation and offering. I am just thrilled that it went as well as it did.

Thank you Lord for your many wonderful benefits toward us.

Friday, May 05, 2006

They that Wait!!!

Man... To say that today was a long day would be a major understatement. It's times like this that calls to question my decision to try the "bi-vocational" thing for a while. I am sure that God will bless my stewardship. The ideal scenario would be the biblical one. Paul says, in 1 Corinthians 9:14, "that those who preach the gospel should live of the gospel." I have come to greatly appreciate and cherish those Christians who recognize that it is not beneficial to the body of Christ to "muzzle the ox who treads out the corn." But, I am truly grateful that God has blessed me with a multiplicity of talents and abilities. I count it a true blessing to be able to earn money in times of need. God is really blessing my entrepreneurial endeavors and I am truly thankful.

Our Sunday School lesson last Sunday reminded us of "God's Perfect Timing." I will continue to "wait on the Lord..." I know that "due season" is on its way. I did get some very good news today. One of our members has been working on a court appeal for almost eleven years now. Her family has diligently held to the premise that her brother's conviction was based on erroneous evidence. Well, after all this time they have finally gained an audience with the Appeal Review Board. The case is now currently under review. I count this as another testimony that "the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong, but to those that endure till the end." Lord, grant us the patience and strength to continually wait on you.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sunday's Coming...

It's the close of yet another Thursday. This is typically the day that sermon preparation becomes the most imminent and urgent task to complete. All week I have gathered insight and information. Now comes the time to petition the Lord about how to efficiently and effectively prepare and present a message that will be true to scripture and pleasing to God. Most times this is a task that is "easier said than done." Especially in light of the trend our congregation cannot seem to break as relates to Wednesday night bible study. My prayer is that God will raise the consciousness of the people and give them a yearning for the supernatural. What I don't want to do is become too mechanically "fussy" in my gospel presentation. I believe that God is calling us to more than the rudimentary things. I've spent the greatest part of my Pastoral ministry trying to escort "The Ship" into a time of revival and rededication. It may just be me, but I don't desire to spend any unnecessary time trying to get people to do things that should be automatic.

God has placed Revelations 2:1-7 on my heart so strongly for the last several weeks. Christ's letter to the church at Ephesus. He condemned them for leaving their "first love." This is certainly a place to mention that I actually had a person raise the question at our church "what's love got to do with it?" Well, Christ would say it has EVERYTHING to do with it. I have not yet received God's instruction to preach the text at our church. However I do certainly want them, like that Ephesian church, to "return to their first love and do the first works."

God is proving to be faithful. I had a wonderful day even in light of the cold-like symptoms I have struggled with for the last several days. I ask your prayers for our services this weekend. Our musician/minister of music will be out of the city for the weekend on a ministry assignment. Being that he is our only musician, I am going to attempt something we have never tried before. We have acquired some gospel "performance tracks" and we are going to attempt to introduce them into our worship service. I am sure that, with the congregation's cooperation, God will be exalted in our efforts.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Close to the Hill

Today is my birthday. Man, it seems like just a few years ago I was 18 years old and on my way to the U.S. Air Force. Now, here we are 17 years later. To think that I would've been able to retire just three years from now is food for thought to those younger people that are considering a Military career. Where else can you receive a full retirement at age 38 years old?

I realize that, if the Lord says the same, I most likely have quite a few years ahead of me. However, there was a degree of reflection on this particular birthday that I had not experienced before. Until now, I was always adolescently happy to be getting OLDER. Much to my surprise, this was not the case this year. There was a small remnant of solitude and permanence that set in this year. My spiritual, educational and financial goals seem to have a greater urgency now than ever before.

It's amazing that many people spend the majority of their lives seeking those things that will ultimately fall and fail. I am glad that God has given me a greater perspective for the things that really matter in life.

Last night.... Man, it was just wonderful. My wife, Sis. LaTonya Pullam, organized a "surprise" birthday dinner. It was simply beautiful. They used the fellowship hall at my home church, St. John First Baptist Church. www.sjfbc.org They left no stone unturned as relates to the food, decorations and presents. I was, and am, totally amazed and appreciative of all the members that made this birthday one that I will never forget.

I must rush to say this: As a pastor, there is always a bitter/sweet reflection with each expression of love the congregation employs. I am always led to reflect and rejoice about all the wonderful things that God has done. There are some relationships that He has brought together that are nothing less than edifying. However, it is during these times that I as Pastor am reminded of the other aspect of this ecclesiastical pursuit. In an attempt to be effective and affectionate in ministry, I make it a point to be as loving, giving and Christian as I can. I am never satisfied until I have given my all to my congregation in ministry.

I believe God allows moments of encouragement in our lives, much like the one I had last night. It allows you the opportunity to observe those who really appreciate and love you for what you do. However, it also affords the discernment to learn who's just giving "lip service." There are still a great deal of people in the congregation that "talk the talk" but.... well, you know.

But, I'm not concerned with that crowd. God has given us more than enough with the faithful few that have a heart for the pastor, people and purpose of church God has given us stewardship of. Those few make this charge and calling a little easier and much more palatable.

Don't worry, I don't feel old y'all....

Charles R. Swindoll gives his "Five Tips for staying young":

1. Your mind is not old, keep developing it.
2. Your humor is not over, keep enjoying it.
3. Your strength is not gone, keep using it.
4. Your opportunity have not vanished, keep pursuing them.
5. God is not dead, keep seeking Him.

LaTonya, thank you baby for allowing God to use your heart to do something so timely and appreciated.

An attempt at Extroversion


I thank God for the opportunity to express my thoughts and daily development through the vehicle of this blog. Anyone who knows me, in a more intimate way, will concur that I have always been the recluse. I score about as high as is possible on the "introversion" section of the Five Factor Personality Test.

It's not that I don't like people. I very much like the Koinonia/fellowship that we enjoy as the body of Christ. However, I have come to grips with the fact that I would rather be at my desk with a book than on the phone or at a social gathering. Unfortunately, as a Pastor, this is not always an asset.

So, I am venturing to change that. I realize that there are great benefits in strong communication. With God's help this will be an area where my family and friends can more adequately know "where my head is at" on things that are sometimes in question. I pray that this will be a means of ministry that will prove to build up and not break down.