Wednesday, March 04, 2009

You Are A Preacher!!!

Today I am gleaning and gathering nuggets from a little book by W.W. Melton entitled "The Making Of A Preacher." It is a book that my father twice (in flesh and ministry) Pastor William L. Pullam made me aware of many years ago. It is NO LONGER in print, and he only had one copy which his father Deacon Lloyd A. Pullam gave to him early in his ministry. Recently he, my father, found a copy that was up for bid and consequently he won the bid for it. (amount undisclosed) On this past Sunday, when preaching at his fine church, he presented it to ME... Wow!!! ME??? To say that least, I am humbled and honored that he would think enough of me to give me a copy. I was sitting on the porch glued to this book and it seemed like, with every point, I was challenged, changed, and re-charged about my call into gospel preaching ministry. I thank my heavenly father above for such great insight and moving my earthly father to share.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 1 "You Have Decided To Be A Preacher" :

"You are a preacher. What is your attitude toward sin? There are those who try to make a joke of sin. Are you among them? One's attitude toward sin will be the measure of his attitude toward Christ the Saviour. It will be the standard by which his attitude toward repentance, faith, regeneration, and redemption are measured. Any man who regards sin as a harmless defect in life, but nothing more serious, will think of Christ as a good but unnecessary person- and I spell the word with a small "p." Whoever makes a joke of hell must, out of necessity, make a joke of heaven. The man who would take the fire out of hell would also take the glory out of heaven. He that belittles sin will also belittle repentance. The man who denies the doctrine of atonement through the blood of Jesus has no Gospel to preach. A preacher who denies these great fundamental truths is a traitor if he stands in the pulpit and repudiates the things for which he claims to be called of God to proclaim, and for which he is paid by the church to proclaim."

There is SO much more but I understand how LONG posts usually don't gain much audience.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Kevin L. Pullam