Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Here We Come

The ironic thing about Pastoral ministry is, as I believe I've pointed out before, our Friday is actually more like a Wednesday. Subsequently, our Sunday is more like Friday. This is simply because most of us go into extra high gear on Saturday and Sunday. They represent the climatic manifestation of what we have anticipated all week. Prayer, meditation, thesis construction, word study, cross reference, illustration, application, etc. Then the constant calls and dialogue about what should be included and excluded from the worship experience and celebration. All this, and more, adds to the "agony and ecstasy" I encounter every week as I attempt to be faithful to the cause of Christ and His Kingdom.

So, I am sitting here reviewing my notes from the week attempting to write a final "manuscript." (I will have to talk about that later... lol) Also, making sure that I am ready for my first Deacon's Training Session I have at 9am. (Wow... Got to tell y'all about that too.) Then there is a funeral service for a relative of one of our very active and faithful members. I plan to go straight there from the Deacon's meeting. Then there are a host of other "things" that are on the list that I won't bore you with mentioning.

Point is... It's clutch time again. Funny thing is, as you preachers know, we get that often too short breather on Monday and it's right back at it. Why??? Sunday's coming with a speed that can be disorienting.

I pray that every Man of God is endowed and indwelled with the Power of our Lord anew and afresh on this weekend. Then on Monday... Take some time for YOU.

God Be Praised,


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

I know just what you mean! Sounds like you're reading my mail. Stay the Course!!!!


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